Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolve

New Year. New Resolve... I want to pick up a pen or a brush or a pencil more often. Yesterday I hung out at Pond Bar and sketched a bit there... kept thinking how nice they'd look with a little wash of colour and mixed in together... so I need a scanner. It's the one thing I miss most, I can live without a printer easily but not a scanner, the one at works not connected to my computer and its a hassle waiting for that person to leave work or not be busy in order to do anything. So I've bought a scanner..

To celebrate and test it out here is a painting I did last year at Woollomi Wild Edge Retreat in the Hunter Valley...

More scans to come in the next few days for sure... but first I need to buy an external hard drive so I can make space... man I hate technology sometimes


  1. I hate tech sometimes, too! Lovely work!! Happy New Year.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for the visit and joining my blog! This image looks great and what a fantastic new years resolve! Love it. Hope you managed to find some interesting things in your cupboards . . . I may go and have a look through some old sketchbooks too now! I am really enjoying how the web is an exciting place to share, exchange, see and get ideas!