Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recently - From the kitchen

First up we have a dinner party I forgot to post up at the time... the main was a lemoncello poached chicken with zucchini spaghetti. I was really pleased with this dish the flavours were really well developed, the chicken succulent and the whole thing was pretty easy and impreessive. 

Next I present the entree for the same meal (dessert was local gelato for our ice-cream loving friends).
So basically we have a tart of spiced salmon and mango salsa. I started with my own home made pastry which I flecked with some fennel and coriander seeds for some added interest and flavour.

Next in comes a layer of creme fraiche. On the side is served some watercress and a candied cherry tomato.

Now we add the mango salsa made with spanish onions, cucumber and mango with a lime dressing. Just a note with the spanish onions I lightly poached these for just a minute or two in some sugared water just to take a little of the sharpness off them as my fiancee hates raw onion and I'm not that keen on it either, remember to just do this very lightly as you still what the crispy zest of the onion and its just to take the edge off.

Next comes the flaked salmon, this was cooked in a spice crust which gives it a dark very smokey flavour to contrast with the sweet zestyness of the salsa and the softness of the cream. Final touch is to top it with some salmon roe and one or two pieces of salsa to give it a nice mixed feel. 

Now for another party contribution... some mini lamb pies, they don't look like that much from the outside as their fillings were very rich with slow cooked lamb in red wine sauce, some mushrooms, onions etcetera and kept leaking out of corners but they were a massive hit and went far too quickly. 

A meal for Geoff and I with the beautiful salmon fillet from the farmers markets... not much to do for this other than cooking some quinoa, quails eggs and some caramalised soy braised green beans and fennel slivers.

some baked creamy leeks

Mushrooms on toast with a touch of goats cheese and coriander

A very warming and cosy bowl of soup thats a blend of celeriac, fennel, potato and leek. A touch of milk at the end and careful seasoning and I was devouring this very happily. 

And whilst I had the blender out I made an entree of a persimmon, pear and custard apple smoothie - yum

Whilst we're in the winter spirit of things I made a Queen Pudding for Geoff and I. Always a family favourite.

Finally lunch the other week which was the perfect balance of simplicity and good taste. Some fresh zesty guacamole, corn chips and some fish cooked with a light sprinkling of ras-el-hanout, salt and pepper with fresh coriander. Dig your chip into the guacamole then pile some fish on top and its healthy and fun without any cheese or cream in sight. 

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  1. Welcome to the Daring Kitchen and I must say that is an amazing and most stunning array of recipes that you have posted the mini lamb pies really caught my eye they sound so delicious. You seem to have a real flare for flavour combination. Cheers from Audax in Sydney also.