Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farewell Summer

I have to admit now that summer is definitely over, it is cold and wet, I trudge home in the dark shivering and huddling in on myself. I shall very soon abandon the freedom of my sandals and switch to stockings and boots. 

One thing I am already beginning to miss is the fruit, the season is so short, I really loved all the peaches and nectarines, lychees, mangos and figs. 

For Christmas I received a fantastic fruit hamper from a client at work (a career milestone I think to receive such a thing finally) and it was a joy to eat. 

I bought a couple of plums on the weekend but they were disappointingly floury so I had to stick them in a pan with a splash of cointreau to make them delicious again. 

I am rather sad not to have had the chance to make another custard fruit tart again. I made one for a party and it was gobbled up far too quickly so I only got one piece! (There is a picture of it here with the slices of yellow peaches, white peaches and plums laid out ready for the custard (made from scratch, no powdered stuff here) to be poured over the top and put back in the oven to crystallise into its yummy glory. 

Also on the baking line there is a photo of my hot cross bun cupcakes I made for Easter.

So in raise your glasses in honour of the summer gone and perfect picnic weather...

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