Thursday, April 30, 2009

Return to Wollombi

It's been almost a week yet much has happened... Last Friday was one of those horrible long days that would never end with a dose of thank god its Friday as I finally got to trudge home. It was a long week stuffed full of deadlines, I didn't take a single lunch break all week and there I am at ten past five arguing with my manager as to whether or not I could leave twenty minutes early... by quarter past an agreement was reached, do this small ten minute job first and then you can go... so there you go I wind up with a five minute early mark and I should be grateful... 

The weekend involved Saturday markets, a bushwalk, dinner with friends, Sunday back home to visit Mum and Dad and help move furniture for the painting work they are having done. 

Then finally the Monday to look forward to... no work to go to... just escaping to the wilderness of Wollombi and one of our favourite places - the wild edge retreat up there. I had forgotten just how nice it is to wake up amongst the gum trees and the flittering little birds. Peaceful but all too short a trip... and now a week has passed since that last Friday and I'm still tired, but for different reasons not quite understood... perhaps it is merely a longing to be back in that serenity... Sitting on the verandah of Keith Tulloch's winery on a wednesday afternoon when the rest of the world seems so far... and then having to leave, and return, to all the mess and disorganisation I left behind and wondering where to pick up the pieces of my scattered mind... 

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